4.10 Les prisonniers de guerre, Prisoners of war

chapitre 4 les prisonniers de guerre

Prisoners of war

Utopia does not have a prison. It can not detain prisoners of war.

Prisoners of war are expelled from Utopia’s territory in inflatable boats, or even further if necessary. Before being sent away, they are listed under their name and surname, their incorporation, their rank (if they give their information) or under pseudonyms. In both cases we takes their fingerprints, a photograph of their face and eyes, as well as their measurements. They are prohibited from living in Utopia for life (these prohibitions can be lifted if peace agreements allow it).

The wounded will receive the necessary care so that they can accompany the other prisoners. The seriously ill will receive first aid, a supply of medicine and painkillers and be sent away under the care of the other prisoners.

The inflatable boats are equipped with:

  • a waterproof canvas closing the cockpit

  • lifejackets for each passenger attached to the boat with a rope

  • warm clothing if necessary

  • a distress beacon,

  • a sail

  • two pairs of oars

  • a small engine with a range of 1000km

  • a GPS

  • a compass and chart

  • a complete pharmacy kit

  • 20 litres of water and 20 days of food per passenger

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