3.8 L’examen pour devenir adulte, The exam to become an adult

L'examen pour devenir adulte

The Exam to become an adult

The final exam is for the most part computerized.

The state checks that the student:

  • speaks, reads and writes basic English

  • knows: the values, the goals, the laws of the Acden, as well as the rights and duties of the citizens.

  • knows how to calculate in writing or orally (add, subtract, multiply, divide, knows percentages and how to use them, the rule of three) without a calculator

  • understands and can do simple accounting: inputs, outputs, profits,

losses, depreciation, interest, inventory of goods, value of equipment

master the use of Acden offices to be able to complete the forms, edit the

contracts, pay rent, take exams, question administration, etc.

  • knows enough about computers to use the Internet: find an answer to a question, surf, use an e-mail, browse social networks, buy and pay for goods, store information, study, etc.

  • knows what to do and what not to do to stay healthy

  • has good first aid basics

  • knows the scientific principles of Acden (energy, food, health, recycling)

  • knows how he-she will continue his-her life by doing an apprenticeship, studying or working as soon as he-she is finished compulsory school

In addition they will take an oral exam where members of the school and social committees will verify that the students are ready to become anarchist adults.

Once they pass this exam they become full citizens of Utopia and they receive their

adult electronic ID after swearing on their honour as free, anarchist men and women: to embrace Acden’s core values, to respect Acden’s goals and laws, as well as to do their best fulfilling their duties as companions of Utopia.

Based on their exam results, Utopia’s new citizens are referred to an apprenticeship in the private economy, studies or work.

Students and apprentices can live alone in one of the studios at their disposal.

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