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My motivations

When I was 20 years old I was a student in the natural sciences faculty of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. While most of the activist students were committed to left wing politics, a few friends and I were more attracted to

anarchyse = a society without hierarchy

A political system that is perfect, democratic, guaranteeing equality between its members, very well structured so that its citizens can live, learn and work without leaders/rulers.

For most people a society without leaders/rulers would end up in chaos and violence. Also, in the past there has been a few ‘crazies’ that decided to use violence and terrorism in the name of anarchy without any admissible ideological justification.

I therefore abandoned all connections to anarchy until now.

At 64 years of age I think that with the extraordinary development of computer technology, presently anarchyse should be the final political path of any interest to explore.

The grand-father that I am, throughout my life I have only come across good people looking for love, peace, prosperity and pleasure in life.

In societies of the past and the present most people are often prevented from obtaining this because of the complexity of institutions and the inequality of treatment. This benefits a minority of malicious, aggressive and greedy people that end up exploiting the majority. We can understand that some, jealous or embittered by these disparities, protest or decide to get what they don’t have through theft and/or violence.

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