1.8 Organisation du territoire / Organisation of the territory

organisation du territoire


Organisation of the territory

The towers are grouped into units with roughly 1 million inhabitants or more that can live in complete autarchy.

The units are divided into neighborhoods of about 10 000+ inhabitants and have diverse destinations: family, industry, artisan, commercial, leisure

There are no neighborhoods based on racial, ethnic, cultural or religious differences.

All the neighbourhoods have housing with little outdoor terraces-gardens, shops and craft industries adapted to their **(???) and customs. There are also bachelor apartments (minimum 12m2 completely equiped with window-doors) for students, apprentices and people in need.

All the neighbourhoods are equipped with outdoor and indoor leisure areas.

There are paths reserved for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles (bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, jogging, etc.)

There are indoor elevators connecting the different levels.

All public areas, food and energy production systems, factories, schools, outdoor areas and water are monitored by surveillance cameras that are connected to the central computers by secured fibers. They are able to recognize people through their electronic identification and by facial recognition.

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