Partie 15 statutes in english

Statutes of the Acden sections
Acden Sections have the legal form of non-profit associations under Swiss law. These statutes can be adapted to the rights of other countries, if necessary and if the anarchyse within the section is respected. In the beginning these adaptations are adopted. To function, Acden intends to free itself from all national and international law to comply only with its own laws.

Article 1
Acden:		Anarchyse, computerized, democratic, ecological & neutral

Anarchyse:	a political system governing a society without hierarchy

Utopia:		Acden-managed country to build in international ocean zones, intended to receive millions of migrants.

The French version of Acden's draft constitution, which can be found on the website, is the reference version.
Article 2
Acden sections are made for:

Paragraph 1
Number 1
All people who wish to emigrate to Utopia.
They must be part of an Aden section for at least two (2) years to prepare for the exam and audition to become a Utopia companion. Those who, because of their already acquired training could pass this exam with little preparation, will have to help (teach) their future companions so that they can acquire the minimum knowledge necessary to emigrate to Utopia.

Number 2
Anyone who has not been able to follow a school program (who can not read or write).
These people can expect to study for a maximum of 5 (five) years at a rate of 6 (six) hours per week (3 hours with the section + 3 hours alone) = 24 hours per month, for 10 months per year = 240 hours per year, for a period of 5 years = 1200 hours, to become a Utopia companion. They will have to pass a small oral test in English on their convictions, the Acden, Utopia and trades that they will have chosen.

Paragraph 2
Anyone who wants to be a member of Acden without intending to emigrate to Utopia.
Members who just want to collaborate and participate in this philanthropic, humanitarian and political work.
Article 3
The goals of the Acden sections are:
		1. Make the Acden and Utopia known
		2. Prepare their members to emigrate
		3. Build and populate Utopia: country intended for immigration

Article 3a
	1. Providing the opportunity for companions to learn for themselves, over the Internet, all that is 	necessary for them to be able to adopt Acden and become Acden companions.

	2. Providing a place with good internet connection for their members. Or by regularly gathering 	in an internet café according to a well established plan that is known to all the members and 	renting one or several computers to be able to study in small groups.

	3. Giving all their members the opportunity to study alone for a few hours per week on a 	computer: English, Acden's draft constitution, learn a trade and understand the scientific, 	ecological and technical solutions chosen for Utopia. So that the members of the section can be 	ready to pass the exam to become Utopia companions and emigrate to this beautiful 	country.

Article 3b
They are also intended to:
	1. Communicate with other Acden sections and their members.
	2. Help new sections with training and helping new members to
	integrate into established sections.
	3. Suggest ideas and inventions to improve the lives of
	companions in Utopia.
	4. Contribute to the corrections of the draft constitution of Acden and its final version.
	5. Raise money to build Utopia.
	6. Collaborate in the construction of Utopia.
Article 4
Foundation of Acden section
1. There should be at least 12 members (6 women and 6 men) to form a section because the number 12 and its multiples are convenient for voting. There may be fewer members but the minimum is 4 members. Exceptionally, there may be only 2 members (1 man + 1 woman)

2. These people will need to meet to discuss, read, understand and adopt the Acden policy to manage: the section, relationships between sections and to live in Utopia. Everything is on the website in French, Spanish and English. If most of the future members of the section do not understand one of these 3 languages, it is necessary that the people that do explain things to the other future members: the political system of Acden, its values, its goals and its ideals. They must also inform them of the path they will have to follow before they can emigrate to Utopia.

3. Once the future members have studied, understood, appreciated and adopted the principles of the draft constitution of Acden, they will have to practice answering questions prepared by members of the mother section of their country. Or if there is no mother section, the questions will be prepared by members of the Mother Section ( Montreux / Veytaux ) or a section devoted to these verifications. They can easily find the answers, in the texts they will have prepared and on the website

4. Then they will have to self-declare their section and announce it to the parent section of their country and / or the Acden parent section or another designated section for these registrations. Members of the contacted section will check the knowledge and the motivations (auditions through Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook...) of these new members before validating the new section. The new section will provide a list of the members including photos and information (see article 5).
5. They will have to find a solution to meet in a place with a good internet connection.
Women and men do not have to meet together (in Utopia they do not sit together). If they do not sit together (!), they will have to transmit to each other: the agenda of the meetings, the questions addressed or that will be approached, the programs of the meetings, the minutes of their meetings and the results of their votes. For a decision to be validated, we must add the women’s votes to the men’s and verify that the required majority (qualified majority: 2 out of 3) is reached.

6. They will have to determine the minimum amount of member contributions, to be able to pay the rent for a room, to arrange it, to pay the internet connection; or to regularly rent one or more internet stations in a cyber café.

7. Get an e-mail address.

8. Appoint a spokesperson to interact with other sections and answer questions.

9. Name each year (in alphabetical order): the people responsible for the various activities of the section.
Article 5
The members
Paragraph 1
To be a member of an Acden section and become an Acden companion, you have to promise in the presence of other members of your section that you adopt to manage only the affairs of Acden and Utopia sections:
	◦ the draft constitution and its political system
the values, goals and ideals of Acden
	◦ basic English, as the national language of Utopia
the principle of remaining in the legality of the country where you live for all your political 	actions. This is to not harm the neutrality of Acden and Utopia. Members of an Acden section 	may participate or continue to participate in all political formations and legal associations in the 	country where they live. Members of all political tendencies (left or right) are welcome, if they 	accept Acden's political system to manage their sections and live in Utopia. They will be 	ambassadors of Acden within their political parties.
pass a small examination prepared by the other members of the section, on the persons 	convictions, goals and understanding the Acden.

Paragraph 2
To get their inscription validated the new Acden companions who wish to emigrate to Utopia will have to provide the following information in the form of a computer file, emailed to
	1. Mrs. or Mr. followed by first and last names, member of  “name of section”, since…
	Anonymous members of an Acden section must choose one to three names and an assumed 	name (which do not already belong to another person). These last names and first names can be 	their real names for Acden and in Utopia. They will also be required to communicate the name 	of a godfather or godmother who is a member of an Acden section, to whom they will have 	passed on their true identities, to be known or restored in Utopia.
	2. your nationality + in what quota you think you will put yourself. For anonymous members, 	you must indicate for the nationality: Switzerland from abroad and give the right quota. Quotas 	are designed to equally mix the different human races. The quotas = categories of people who 	consider themselves to belong to the race: 1. black (2 people out of 10), 2. yellow (2/10) 3. 	white (2/10) 4. neither black, nor yellow, nor white (4/10).
	3. Your date of birth, your place of birth and origin (if they are distinct). For anonymous 	members, they must transmit their true birth dates with a fictitious place of birth, such as: 1820 	Montreux / Veytaux.
	4. a) your diplomas, the languages spoken, the languages spoken and written, practiced trades, 	your passions, the kind of professional activity you plan to perform in Utopia.
	b) 2 color photos of your clear face (without glasses, eyes open) with a smile: one of face + one 	of profile with visible ear
	c) 2 color photos of your clear face (without glasses, eyes open) without smiling.
	d) 2 color photos of your entire silhouette and your face (with glasses if they are worn 	permanently): one of face and one of profile with visible ear.
	5. your email, or your section’s email / your telephone number or that of your section.

Paragraph 3
If they have the competence, Acden companions have the highest priority over all other people, for all the paid activities offered by Acden and its sections.

Article 6
Positions of responsibility within the sections
Paragraph 1
As in Utopia: in the Acden sections, nobody has special power. Decisions are made by qualified majority for day-to-day affairs = 2/3 of all voters. For all modifications made to the draft constitution or constitution of Acden, decisions are made by full majority = 3/4 of all voters. 
The positions of responsibility must be exercised in turn by all members of the section. Each turn lasts one year. People are appointed at the beginning of each year in alphabetical order.
The positions of responsibility are always double: one woman and one man per position, who are:
	1. a co-presidency: one female companion, one male companion
	The presidents represent their sections together in official receptions and discussions with 	authorities. They lead the debates in the meetings.
	In order to respect the laws or customs of the countries or regions in which the sections are 	located, only during official visits: the co-presidency of the section can be transformed from 	time to time into a presidency plus a vice-presidency. In this case the women of the section will 	choose a vice president among the men of the section.
	The co-presidents must validate (by their signatures) and execute with the 2 accountants, the 	expenses decided by the members of their sections. They must verify the accounting (inflows + 	outflows) and the cash balances of their sections at the end of the sessions. They each have a 	padlock to close the section’s cash box. Or they own a quarter of the computer code (log in) 	giving access to the management of the section’s bank account.
	The co-presidents must sign the session reports with the 2 secretaries.
	2. Two secretaries: one female companion, one male companion
	The secretaries write their reports during the breaks that are arranged at the end of all the points 	addressed during the sessions. The reports are summarized to the maximum, they contain:
The title that describes the topic of the discussion
Decisive remarks for the vote, upon request from 2/3 of the voters, written (summed up 		to the maximum) in collaboration with their authors.
The result of the vote
At the end of the sessions, they have their reports verified  and signed by the presidents.
	3. Two bookkeepers: one female companion, one male companion
Section accounting is simple. All section members may request to view these accounts at the end of each section meeting.

		Sections that do not have a bank account, have accounts with 2 columns:
		Inflows and outflows with the cash balance (rest of the money in the cash box) entered in the inflow column. A copy of the updated accounts must always be in the section’s 	cash box.
		The 2 bookkeepers each have a padlock and a key to close the cash box of the section along with the 2 presidents. The section’s cash box is closed by 4 padlocks.
2-column bank statements (printed) are the accounts of sections with a bank account. They are managed by the bookkeepers at the end of the sessions involving accounting operations. The bookkeepers and presidents each have one quarter of the log in code for their section’s bank account.
The 2 co-presidents and 2 bookkeepers of a section where women and men meet separately, will need to meet whenever necessary to manage the section's money flows.

Article 7
Additional provisions
	1. Section spokespersons: each section can nominate (by voting) one or two people from the 	section as their spokesperson. The spokesperson must be fluent in English, French or Spanish 	and have easy contact with others. These people (without any decision-making power) will take 	care of communication with other sections. They can help the companions of their section 	during their auditions. They will be able to assist the presidents of their section in all their 	actions.
	2. All children (up to 14 years old) accompanied by their parents, one of their parents or 	alone must also undergo training adapted to their age, followed by an exam to emigrate to 	Utopia. If there are few children, they attend the meetings of their sections. If there are many 	children, they must be able to meet amongst children according to the school criteria described 	in the draft constitution or constitution of Acden. Small children without parents will need to be 	assisted in their training by the members of the section chosen according to the knowledge they 	will be able to pass on and their ability to provide advice to a child. Children over 14 years old 	must follow the adult route.
	3. Members who only wish to collaborate without emigrating to Utopia must transmit to 	their sections: their first and last names (with Mrs. or Mr.), their dates of birth, their 		nationalities with a photo of the face (smiling or not). They can also choose aliases. They also 	send an address, an email or a phone number to contact them.
	4. Ghost Acden Sections
	If all members of an Acden section have aliases, this section becomes a ghost section. Its 	members must choose their godparents in only one other Acden section. The chosen section 	becomes the godmother of the ghost section. The godmother section and the ghost section 	must be able to communicate.
	5. The members of a section may change sections with the agreement of the new section and 	if or when the gender parity is respected in the 2 sections concerned.
	6. The members of a section can participate virtually in the sessions: with Skype, 	Messenger, etc. (Acden has nothing to hide!). Men and women can remain in communication by 	the same means, if they meet at the same time but in different places. Ditto for the sections that 	will work together. Sections can function almost only virtually if the Acden section statuses are 	respected.
Article 8
Companion resignations
All Acden members can resign from their sections at any time. For a resignation to be effective it is necessary that the section of the resigning member or the resigning member, finds a replacement member, so that the balance of the number of men and women is respected in the section thus in Acden. Once this person has been found, the section concerned communicates the name of the resigning person and that of the replacement person by email to the parent section of the country where it is located; or to a designated section for enrollments and resignations; or to the parent section of Acden (Montreux / Veytaux). All information regarding the person resigning will be deleted and replaced by the new members information.
Article 9
Dissolution of an Acden section
	1. The dissolution of an Acden section should be considered when the number of members decreases continuously because of resignations or departures for Utopia, without any new people considering to join the section.
	2. The last companions will have to announce to the mother section of their country the dissolution of the section. They will communicate the fate of the last companions.
	3. These last members will have to give leave for the rented space and they will have to cancel the internet subscription or announce the end of the rental agreement with the internet 	café chosen by the section. They will pay the last bills with the funds provided for dissolution.
	4. If there is money left in the section fund, the last members will put it on the account intended for the construction of Utopia.
Articles 10
The parent sections of: countries, regions, cities, suburbs, areas, slums, refugee camps, etc. (= the parent sections of the circles described in the title)
Paragraphs 1
When the Acden sections of a country, a region, a city, a suburb, an area, a slum, a refugee camp, etc., total more than 1000 Acden companions, they will have to designate one of them as the mother section.
Usually the first section formed for this circle (if the other sections choose it) becomes the parent section. But it is possible to choose a section or companions (in identical numbers) from other sections to form this mother section.

Paragraph 2
The parent sections will have to accredit the new sections of their circles.
Paragraph 3
These parent sections will have to open bank accounts to deposit or to receive money: contributions, donations and grants from Acden. Each month they will send the bank staments (accounting journals) to their members and to the parent Acden section (Montreux-Veytaux in Switzerland) or to a section designated for that. The parent sections will have to make budgets (for the professional secretariats, subsidies to the sections of their circles, advertising for Acden, etc.) which will have to be approved by the 2/3 of all the companions in their circles (countries, regions, cities, suburbs, slums, zones, refugee camps, etc.). All payments not provided for in the budget will have to be approved, like the budget, by 2/3 of all voters in their circles.

Paragraph 4
The parent sections will have to open secretariats run by one or more professionals. Priority for these positions will be given to Acden members.

Paragraph 5
The parent sections, which have more funds than they need to pay for their expenses, will have to pay out the surpluses on the account through their budgets or special votes: Acden section grants or Utopia’s construction account.
Paragraph 6
The parent sections may be replaced for part of their attributions or for all of them, provisionally or permanently by another section of their circles.

Paragraph 7
The activities of the parent sections will be taken over by committees, when Utopia can. They will be dissolved at that time.
Article 11
The Mother Acden section: Rue du They 4, 1820 Montreux / Veytaux in Switzerland
Paragraph 1
This is the first section of Acden. It will have to initiate processes to find and inform many people who may be interested in forming sections and becoming Acden companions. People intending to emigrate to Utopia or help Acden in its philanthropic, political and humanitarian work. It will have to prepare the required exams to become Utopia companions and emigrate to this beautiful country. The Mother Acden section plays the role of ethics commission. It can revolve decision, or cancel them, if it deems them non-compliant with the draft constitution of the Aiden, or the constitution of Utopia.
the Acden author’s ideas to launch Acden and build Utopia.
I think perhaps we should start with the "boomerang effect", which would consist of first finding the main people concerned to emigrate to Utopia by inexpensive means. Then when Acden has a respectable number of members, it would be necessary to contact countries concerned by immigration, as well as people and companies likely to invest in Utopia, to be able to seek and to find the necessary funds for Acden and Utopia which is legitimized by the large number of Acden members that are ready to emigrate to Utopia.
So first: we should contact people who are currently particularly affected by poverty for various reasons (climate, economic, political, war), for example in: Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Morocco, Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, southern and eastern European countries, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Syrian refugee camps, Afghanistan, Palestine, Karens, Rohingyas, slums, poor suburbs, sinking islands such as the Tuvalus, etc.
The priority for donations will be to finance the poor sections of Acden by subsidizing (or providing) computer equipment, internet connections and funding Acden secretariats.

Paragraph 2
The Mother Acden section will open an operating account for contributions and another account for donations. A third account will be opened that is intended solely for the construction of Utopia.
The account logs will be published on the Acden website:
Paragraph 3
The Mother Acden section will have to open the Acden general (professional) secretariat to manage registrations, answer questions, implement decisions regarding the propagation of Acden ideas and solutions, budget and initiate studies on the construction of Utopia.

Paragraph 4
The Mother Acden section will prepare the annual budgets of the professional secretariats in collaboration with the other parent sections and that of the general secretariat of Acden. It will have to make and advertising budget and suggest ways to publicize Acden and Utopia in collaboration with the other parent sections before submitting them to all Acden members who will then vote.

Paragraph 5
In the beginning the Mother Acden section must make a proposal of how the available sums (donations) will be shared between the functioning of Acden (which will remain at disposal of Acden on the donations account) and the construction of Utopia (which will be paid to Utopia's construction account) so that these choices can be voted on by all Acden members.

Paragraph 6
The Mother Acden section will have to study grant requests from other sections and give notice before they are voted on by all Acden members.

Article 12
Dissolution of Acden
In the event that Acden, as a non-profit association, should be dissolved and disappear: it is the parent sections’ responsibility to take care of the dissolution and settle the last financial operations after these decisions have been voted by the last Acden companions. The people who will take care of it, can be defrayed for their work. The balance of funds available to Acden will have to be given to equip Indonesians who settle very precariously on corals in international zones to survive; whose story inspired me to create Utopia, and / or to associations helping the poor of this world.

Statutes of Acden sections proposed by Philippe Bron, who is also the author of the draft Acden constitution, on 16.05.2018

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