1.15 Plan d’action 1 / Acden’s plan of action for building Utopia 1

Acden’s plan of action for building Utopia

We quickly need 1 million people that are ready and willing to adopt Acden and to immigrate in order to build Utopia.

With the willingness of these 1 million people we will easily find the 50 to 100 billion dollars that are necessary to build Utopia’s first unit. This unit would be made for 1 million inhabitants.

Of course in the beginning it will look a little rough but little by little it will develop into a beautiful and pleasant place.

”Am I dreaming?” is what you might be thinking. But I sure do not think this for these 2 following reasons:

1. Acden and Utopia are designed so that tens of millions of people living in poverty can immigrate and find interesting and well payed jobs.

2. Utopia is designed so that the inhabitants can withstand catastrophes that elsewhere would leave them with no chance of survival.

plan action 1

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