1.16 Plan d’action 2 / Acden’s plan of action 2

Did you know that only 82 people own half of the world’s fortune? This represents a colossal fortune. And let’s not forget that 1% of the world population owns all the rest.

What in Utopia will interest these people is:

1. almost absolute security in a friendly environment with laws that are not very restrictive. They will be surrounded by people that will consider them as life companions. They will appreciate the civil service and feel that they are useful and part of a team. They will appreciate living in a poverty-free country with no theft and no violence against those who do not wish to be subjected to it. Those who like violence (we cannot forget them) will have their ”playground” that should be avoided by those who do not like violence.

2. Utopia’s tax system that doesn’t tax produced work or fortunes.

Only the profit made in Utopia and then exported will be taxed 1%.

They will see the other security suggestions as much less interesting:

offshore companies, account numbers, buried safes, delocalised residences, sophisticated bunkers, armored vehicles, security services (do you think that people that are payed will risk their lives to save their employers’ lives or their family’s it they had a choice?).

What future would there be for a small number of people that would survive in a devastated environment?

With Utopia and its one million (in the beginning) companions, even in the case of a catastrophe life would carry on normally with everything needed: work, leisure, pleasure and most of all a future.

plan action 2

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