1.17 Plan d’action 3 / Acden’s plan of action 3

You will see that Acden and Utopia’s philanthropic nature as well as the benefits that are on offer will attract rich and very rich people. Some (many) of these people will work towards helping Utopia and will certainly even pass the exams to become companions. They are welcome.

The same reasons will push international companies (they will be chosen based on their good reputations) to invest in Utopia in order to set up their headquarters there.

Utopia will be a country where private investments will be intended for transport, energy, communications, advanced technology industries, hostelries, catering, etc.

The government of countries that have a massive influx of migrants will also work towards helping Utopia exist. That way a major part of the migrants that these countries could not absorb would be welcome somewhere on this earth.

The rest just makes sense:
with the experience of those who built the first unit and infrastructures, the second unit will be a ‘piece of cake’ to build and so on and so forth.

plan action 3

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