Pour qui ? 1.3

pour qui

For who?

To start out, Utopia is meant to welcome 1 million inhabitants. Then, we can think that with new constructions and motivated migrants Utopia can be the new home of tens of millions of people.

You live in Africa, America, Europe, Asia, Oceania; you don’t really see your future through rosy glasses.

You may have everything you need but you know that you could loose everything, even your life because ultimately nothing is planned to guarantee you a long-term future.

You are worried by today’s environmental and social problems and you would like to do something to make changes.

You are a computer scientist or a group of computer scientist that dreams of freedom and ethics.

You are a large corporation and you offer honest services to your customers. It seems to you that there is too much administrative hassle and various taxes imposed on you.

You are in politics, a government, a country and you would like to find a good alternative to uncontrollable immigration.

You are an anarchist and you would like to live in a society without hierarchy.

You want to participate in a grand adventure in which humans will grow.

So then read what follows. Maybe Aiden and Utopia are meant for you?

All help for this project is welcome and will not be forgotten.

Please note that when it comes to Aiden’s intentions and actions, complete ‘glasnost’ is applied. Everything is published on the Aiden website.

Also, Aiden completely protects all personal information concerning its members. The Aiden sections (minimum two members: one woman and one man) and their members can reman totally anonymous. They would not be identified and would only appear under alias (see chapter on Aiden sections).

Aiden also protects the anonymity of people who choose to help with Aiden’s projects without becoming a member.

You can contact me directly (I get by in English) at the Montreux-Veytaux Aiden Section’s phone number: +41 (0)79 386 34 60. If there is no answer, leave a message, a phone number or an email address and I will get back to you.

Philippe Bron

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