1.4 Pourquoi l’Anarchise / why Anarchyze

Pourquoi l'Anarchie ?

Why anarchyze?

Through its structure anarchy must prevent exploitation of humans by humans.

I think that this widespread exploitation really takes its toll on a positive evolution of humanity because an exploited person will not give the best of themselves.

By offering/suggesting this draft of a constitution to create an anarchist nation I (we) wish to completely detach myself (ourselves) from all other anarchist branches of the past or present.

The only means used to create Utopia (country where Acden will be applied) will be: money that comes from the Acden members’ and supporters’ contributions and donations. Also the volunteer work done by members and supporters.

Acden is not a political system that can be applied in an existing country. This would involve changes that are too big, like the nationalisation of the territory and its buildings that would have to be demolished and rebuilt to fit the Acden norms. It needs installations that are too complicated to implement, such as secured surveillance cameras on the entire territory. It is only applicable on a small territory with new buildings intended for Acden.

All the ideas and implementations come from what already exists:

Swiss political institutions, the French revolution, capitalism, communism, May ’68, hippy philosophy, ecology, my political convictions, my personal observations and the extraordinary evolution of computer technology.

I have noticed that modern men and women willingly accept to be permanently spied on through:

electronic cards (credit cards, bank cards, insurance cards, loyalty cards, etc.), telephones, cellphones, computers, the web and its ‘clouds‘ as well as through numerous surveillance cameras, satellites and drones.

They also accept without a second thought that their information is stocked and used.

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