1.12 Résumé des idées 2 / Summary of the ideas 2

résumé idées 2

There are no civil servants. Citizens have direct access to administration through ‘function offices’ (the Acden offices) that are installed in their homes and in certain public spaces.

For simple tasks there are robots instead of workers. The tasks that can not be done by robots or computer technology, will be done by associates or independents.

There is no tax based on work output. Funding the state is simplified.

In the case of accidents occurring during normal activities, the state tales charge of rescue and aid through clinics and university hospitals.

Utopia offers a free, non-mandatory health program to all citizens as early as pre-school. The program includes food, physical exercise, basic hygiene, sanitary tests, guidelines, transport, checkups and care in cases of sickness.

Children, students and apprentices can be completely financed by the state.

Social aid is provided through free benefits: housing with basic necessary energy, clothing, health insurance, food, plus a few odd jobs to finance any hobbies.

Any homes where rent is payed (or payed for by the state) are considered inviolable private space.

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