3.6 L’école enfantine obligatoire, Compulsary primary school

L'école enfantine obligatoire

Compulsory primary school

From the age of four children will mainly learn the English language, their rights as children in Acden, the use of computers, basic math, knowledge of the world, and basic hygiene.

They will do so mainly through the media made available to them, with help from their more advanced school mates, their parents and the supervisory teachers (always present).

For about a quarter of their time they will be in groups and can check their knowledge with a teacher.

Utopia gives each child a certain sum per month that is capitalized on his or her electronic ID to pay for drinks, meals, sweets, small supplies. They learn to establish their budget and to respect it. The parents can give this money back to the state.

They are regularly evaluated (approximately once a month) directly with their computer and electronic ID. These evaluations replace report cards and give them and their parents all the information concerning their health, the time spent doing physical and intellectual exercises, the level obtained and the choice of expenses. They will also receive indications on what needs to be changed or improved to assimilate the school program and stay healthy.

Students have the same evaluations until the end of compulsory schooling or until they become adults: in this case the assessments are no longer transmitted to the parents.

They learn with their classmates to manage their learning and to organize the school. The students do everything that is not automated in the school (storage, discipline, safety, student commissions, etc. ..). For this they have to organize themselves as adults do: in girls’ committees, boys committees and mixed committees (minimum 5 pupils) that have the same guidelines and infrastructures as in the other Utopia neighbourhoods.

Possible sanctions against a pupil are made by student committees assisted by a teacher. The sanctions consist of freedom restrictions like for the adults.

The sanctioned student is accompanied (defended) by 2 comrades whom he chooses, during his hearing by a student committee and by his parents during his hearing by an adult committee.

At about 78 years old they have to pass an exam, most of which is computerized, concerning their knowledge of the English language, calculation, the world, computer science, hygiene and what to do and what not to do to stay healthy. They must also have fairly precise knowledge of Aiden’s principles, goals and laws.

They must know their rights and their duties.

To find out if the students are ready to begin their adult training, their psychological abilities and their empathy are evaluated by the school board.

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