8.10 Le règlement pour les commerces et les magasins, Regulations for shops and stores, Reglas para comercios y tiendas,

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Regulations for shops and stores:

  1. The types of activities and opening hours of these establishments must follow the rules of the neighbourhood in which they are located.
  2. All shops and stores must be equipped with an Aiden office.
  3. Neighbourhood rules can not exclude any store or business. They can however enforce the use of discreet shop signs of at least 1m2.
  4. Neighbourhood rules can not restrict the opening hours of shops and stores between 8 am and 8 pm. Emergency pharmacies can stay open between 8pm and 8am.
  5. Shops and stores must be closed from Thursday at noon to Friday at 12 (except emergency pharmacies) to allow companions to perform their civic duties.
  6. They have outdoor front areas for displays and behind to unload goods arriving by road or otherwise (included in the rent).
  7. All establishments must submit to scheduled committee inspections (they are notified at least 5 days in advance).
  8. All establishments must indicate on their windows or signs what types of activities or merchandise are offered as well as the opening hours. It must cover no less than 1m2 and no more than 1/10 for glass surfaces. For signs and shop or storefronts it cannot exceed 4m2.
  9. Pharmacies are permitted to sell alcohol and all other drugs in all neighbourhoods.
  10. Companions may use part of their accommodation for a lucrative activity of their choice. This activity may be discreetly announced by a label of 20 cm * 10 cm (max) placed next to the one (maximum 10cm * 20cm) indicating the name of the person and any other information.
  11. Shops and stores (pharmacies, drugstores, jewellers, banks) offering weapons, ammunition, dangerous goods or high-value goods) must make all the necessary arrangements to store them with maximum safety. The doors, showcases and displays are shielded and secured with cameras and alarms.
  12. Shops and stores may request to be protected by alarms and cameras. They must pay for them, install them and connect them to their Aiden offices which are in turn connected to the observation and negotiation posts. They can also allow army patrols to enter their premises when needed.
  13. Gunsmiths can sell to all adult companions in Utopia (except foreigners and people subject to freedom restrictions): knives, throwing knives, blowguns, crossbows, bows, pistols, revolvers and rifles (manual, semi-automatic or automatic).All weapons and ammunition are listed with the names of their owners by means of Aiden offices. Similarly for all machines, vehicles and electronic appliances.

    Adults can carry their unloaded weapons in covers to go to the shooting range. Children can do the same if they are accompanied by an adult.


Reglas para comercios y tiendas

  1. horarios y actividades se regulan por barrios
  2. cada comercio o tiena esta equipado de una oficina AIDEN
  3. no se puede excluir a ninguna actividad ; pero cada barrio puede exigir mas o menos discresion a cerca de una actividad
  4. cada barrio debe respectar un horario minimo de 8h a 20h ; las farmacias pueden seguir abiertas toda la noche
  5. se paran las actividades comerciales del jueves mediodia al viernes mediodia.
  6. Disponen de espacios para cargar/descargar
  7. aceptan controloes de las comisiones de control para sus actividades
  8. cada comercio tiene que exponer obre un letrero, claramente, sus actividades, sus horarios
  9. las farmacias estan autorizadas a vender alcohol fuerte y drogas
  10. Los compañeros/as pueden trabajar desde sus casas ; en ese caso, la persona tiene que avisar, mediante un letrero, que actividad ejerce.
  11. Las tiendas que proponen armas o productos peligrosos, son responsables de su seguridad (puertas y ventanas blindadas)
  12. Comercios y tiendas pueden pedir una vigilancia del estado (intervencion de la armada)
  13. Los armeros pueden vender en Utopia a los Adultos. Esto pueden desplazarse con armas si es para ir a entrenarse. Los niños deben ser acompañados por adultos.Todas las armas y municiones aparecen catalogadas con los nombres de sus proprietarios. Lo mismo para cada maquina, véhiculo o aparatos electronicos.

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