8.2 Les industries privées complémentaires à celles de l’état 2 / Privat industries 2 / Industrias privadas complementarias a las del estado 2

partie 8&3

Transport companies that organize, build and exploit:

Transport within the territory of Utopia with non-polluting vehicles:
• passenger and goods transported by roads and by boats
• fast elevators
• connections between towers by cables or by air

International connections by sea or by air.
If these companies want to have their headquarters in Utopia and use its docks and landing strips:
they will have to provide these links with boats, submarines and aircrafts that are powered by clean engines or reactors (non-polluting)
These vehicles will also need wastewater treatment, storage (for treatment) or waste treatment and disposal systems.

Cleaning, purification, treatment, safety and intervention companies

The state uses robots (bought or rented from private companies that maintain them) to clean and maintain public spaces, which are designed for the use of robots.

There are private specialized intervention companies that fight fire, disaster and pollution in factories and large establishments.

The weapon factories only develop and manufacture defensive weapons for the Utopia army. These include:
anti-missile missiles, anti-aircraft missiles, torpedoes to combat warships, submarines, drones, detecting systems, boats, autopilot submarines, missile launchers, balloons/airships with automatic guidance for detecting aircrafts/missiles (and others for launching missiles at all altitudes), portable weapons and ammunition.
The components of these weapons will be manufactured by the largest possible number of companies and collaborators of Utopia.

Weapon merchants can only import weapons for the gunsmiths of Utopia or for the state.
Companions are not allowed to export or trade all the kinds of weapons for foreigners, for foreign ethnic or political movements or for foreign countries because this would be infringing the Utopia Neutrality Law.


Empresas de transporte que organizan, construyen y explotan :

  1. los transporten dentro del territorio de Utopia con véhiculos zero contaminacion (transporte de pasageros y mercancias -por carretera o barco)ascensores rápidosenlaces entre torres
  2. conexiones internacionales por mar o airesi las epresas internaionales desean disponer su sede en Utopia y aprovechar de su bandera tendran que asegurarse de que sus véhiculos sean propulsados por tecnologia limpias (zero contaminacion) Esos véhiculos también tendran que reciclar la basura o cualquier otro tóxico.

Las industrias que limpian, tratan, securizan e intervienen : el estado utiliza robots para limpiar y mantener los espacios publicos. Esos robots vienen del sector privado.

El sector privado también se especializa en intervenciones contra incendios, contaminaciones, catástrofes…

Fábricas de armamento : desarrolla y produce unicamente armas defensivas exclusivamente para la armada de Utopia : misiles anti-misiles, anti-aviones, submarinos, drones ; radares ; medios de observacion y control del espacio aereo y marítimo.

Los comerciantes de armas solo importan armas para los arsenales de Utopia o para el estado.

A los compañeros/as no se les permite negociar armas con cualquier regim que sea o por cualuier razon, para no poner en peligro la neutralidad de Utopia.

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